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Network Infrastructure

Maximising Network Usage & Software Resources

The network infrastructure of any business is critical to its smooth operation.  A solid infrastructure ensures uninterrupted connectivity of a company’s data, telephony, and information management.

IT Infrastructure for Business

No matter what the size of your business, it will have a network infrastructure which is relied upon (but perhaps overlooked) throughout each working day. All businesses require an IT infrastructure which may include Communications Systems, CCTV and Wireless Access. System failure or outages could prove costly in terms of productivity and company reputation

Comvista Networks® should be involved at the earliest developmental stage. We work with you to design, build, implement and test the ideal network infrastructure for your operation; be that for a single site company, or those with multiple locations. Even if some locations are overseas or offshore.

Infrastructure Design

To ensure complications or conflicts don’t occur with other aspects of your operation, it is imperative that Comvista Networks are included at the initial discussion stage. This aspect costs you nothing. During this stage we will discuss your needs, objectives and timescales, enabling us to draft a formal proposal. Projects with greater complexity will inevitably require multiple visits and discussions.

Network Build & Implementation

Using the latest technologies including optical fibre, Comvista Networks® source the right materials to build your network infrastructure. Our team of fully trained engineers is supported by a knowledge of more than thirty years’ worth of industry experience. All aspects of your network will be professionally installed and set to work.

Network Infrastructure Testing & Commissioning

Possibly the most important aspect of the network project is the testing and commissioning. Not just ensuring that the newtorks deliver what is needed, but that the entire network infrastructure complieswith and exceeds its objectives.


This points us back to the design element; we need to discuss and document the system’s objectives at the planning phase. Comvista Networks® set out to deliver a solution foryour business, hence the need to be involved during the conception stage. Our accredited installation team use the most up to date, fully calibrated tools to commission all of our installations. We produce comprehensive handover documentation at project end.

Post Installation

As a progressive company we are very interested to maintain our relationships with our customers and in all cases we would encourage our customers to contract their services and ongoing support with us.

Comvista Networks have successfully delivered new build projects of all sizes. We are also adept in dismantling and refurbishment. Whilst many existing networks only require upgrading and enhancement, others will need a complete rebuild.

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