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Service Provision

Connectivity & Network Service Provision

Comvista Networks® are fully Ofcom compliant, and as you would expect, we offer we offer all of the connectivity products you would expect from a quality company.

Most customers are fully aware of the connectivity requirements they have and some customers also know what competitive options there are in the marketplace, so rather than list all of our connectivity and pricing options we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements with you. The rapid pace of change in technology available to customers may mean that what you already have in mind can be provided more cost effectively and efficiently.

Connectivity Products

We offer the full range of connectivity products from basic analogue lines and broadband to multi layered digital service provision. We can also offer services on short term contracts which may suit such things as exhibitions/ conferences. This includes wireless connectivity for on/off campus requirements. 

We are confident that our networking product pricing is competitive and that our network service provision will exceed our customer expectations.

It may also be prudent to point out that we are not a reseller of another service provider and we manage all of our customer installations from our offices in Fife. Our field service is our own and we carry out all of our contracted customer field visits in accordance with the agreed contract status and within agreed Service Level Agreements. To find out more about networking and connectivity services, please contact ComVista Networks®.

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