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International Oil Exploration and Production

Customer is an International Oil Exploration & Production Company

Comvista Networks® were invited to discuss a late variation in contract for the provision of a CCTV and optical fibre telemetry network on a topsides development scheduled for deployment in the North Atlantic.

As Comvista Networks® are the incumbent provider of networks to a multi-sited fabrication facility based in the UK where the structure was being built, we were ideally placed to provide manpower and services to their client in relation to a topsides development.  

Optical Fibre and Copper Network Provision

The immediate challenges of time and the complex nature of the job elements were discussed in detail with the client and it was immediately clear that our core networking skills were required for optical fibre and copper network provision. We also required mechanical engineering resource and rope access skills in order to provide what the client needed to have in place on the structure prior to ‘sail away’.

Comvista Networks® provided a team of six skilled men across different disciplines in order to deliver the solution.  An onsite lead data engineer as well as optical fibre technicians and mechanical engineers were assigned the task of providing twenty two external CCTV cameras using Synetics CoexTM C3000 Camera Stations, as well as a multi-point optical fibre network overlay for data capture.

From a standing start the delivery of an entire optical fibre backbone, fully spliced, tested and handed over within six weeks. The manufacture of structural steelwork was also undertaken in order to mount the cameras.  Comvista Networks engineers continued to work on the structure up to ‘sail away’ and in fact were still working on it when the structure was loaded on to the barge!    

Successful Installation

Following the successful installation of the structure in the North Atlantic it has been necessary to deploy our networking engineers offshore in order to commission the works carried out when the structure was being built onshore.


This work has been carried out under contract with the commissioning agents and continues under contract to the present day. 


  • Provide consultation and planning of onsite services

  • Integrate with client staff mid project and provide specialist manpower

  • Deliver Mechanical and Electrical resource to the project

  • Install a full CCTV and Telemetry Network for offshore operation

  • Provide post installation offshore commissioning of all network elements

Diversity of Skills Capability

We believe that with this project we have once again demonstrated not only the diversity of our core skills capability, but also our ability to flex to the customer’s needs.   We welcome engagement with similar types companies who may face challenges with delivery of complex networking projects, both onshore as well as offshore.

Comvista Networks Limited® ‘more than just a network provider’.


August 2016       

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